CK’s Value Proposition

My personal calling and highest aim in life is to add value to others’ lives. I bring this sense of purpose and intentionality to serving my real estate clients.

Here’s what you can expect from me and my 10-Point Value Proposition:

  1. I will serve and steward your real estate business as if it were my own. You entrust this privilege to me. I work for you and I must earn this right every day.

  2. I will carefully and patiently listen to fully understand your interests and needs so that I may protect and care for them.

  3. I will maximize your real estate investment. I understand what your home investment means to your happiness and security.

  4. I will personally attend to your concerns throughout the entire process – not just until you are under contract. I will not pass off responsibility to care for your interests and needs to another.

  5. I will remain highly responsive to you. This includes ongoing communication and proactively addressing and resolving concerns.

  6. I will deliver on our agreed upon results with an amazing attention to detail (because details matter!). It’s my job (and joy!) to deliver RESULTS.

  7. I offer the very best industry knowledge and market data to inform your decision making. I am smart, savvy and seasoned. My industry knowledge and training, backed by one of Colorado’s most successful and innovative real estate companies, Brokers Guild Real Estate, will bring all the fire power you need to make informed and successful real estate decisions.

  8. I offer unparalleled cutting-edge technology to serve all your real estate needs and ensure the smooth completion of efficiently closed deals.

  9. I am an adept problem-solver. I possess the skills and resources to address and resolve every challenge – and opportunity – you face.

  10. I am a world-class negotiator. I will help you win your desired home and maximize your investment with my proven negotiation skills groomed over 20 years working in conflict resolution in highly charged war zones.