I am pleased to have a staging and design professional on my real estate team who offers staging assistance to my clients upon request. Perhaps you simply need someone to join you in walking through your home to share expert ideas and suggestions in a supportive, no-pressure, helpful manner about how best to showcase your living space. If so, then please allow my team to be of assistance.

No one wants a snooty, pretentious, know-it-all coming into their home to offer commentary on one’s home décor or personal style. As part of my real estate services, I’m pleased to offer staging assistance by a qualified design professional who shares her ideas in a low-key, positive, non-threatening manner intended to serve and assist you as you prepare your home for marketing and selling.

Complete staging with furniture and furnishings for vacated property also is available.

Please contact me if staging assistance or full-service staging would be of help to you.

Robin Reichert, Staging Professional