How Can I Safely Sell My Home During the COVID 19 Crisis?

Many potential sellers are understandably asking me if it’s “safe,” or even possible, to sell their homes during the COVID 19 pandemic and ensuing financial crisis. Concerns and questions include:

  • Whether or not to allow members of the general public to tour your home;
  • Should you hold an Open House;
  • Are buyers still on the market looking for a new home given these new realities;
  • Despite historically low interest rates, are banks still lending money and accessible;
  • How will the significant economic downturn affect my home’s value and profitability; and
  • Is it better to “wait and see” what happens these new few months before listing my home?

Ultimately, only YOU can decide what is best for you given your own unique circumstances.

When issuing Colorado’s month-long “stay at home” order, Governor Polis deemed real estate transactions as an “essential service,” recognizing this economic activity as central to Colorado’s economy and homeowners’ financial wellbeing. During the “stay at home” order, new home construction continued and specific real estate services, including lending, inspections, appraisals and closings, were allowed to move forward IF a Buy-Sell Contract was already in place.

Beginning April 27th, the “stay at home” order was lifted for other real estate services, including listings, marketing, photography and showing homes. Open Houses are still prohibited. This means real estate professionals, like me, are once again able to provide real estate services to the public. However, the Governor and public health officials have made very clear that great care should be taken to practice social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing.

In Colorado Springs, housing inventory remains at an alltime low; yet, demand has surged and buyers are desperately hoping that sellers, like you, won’t delay or decide against listing your home. Bottom line: it’s a GREAT TIME to sell your home for maximum dollar. We just need to do it very safely.

Let me share how I am safely helping clients sell their homes now. My goals are two-fold:

1) protect homeowners and the general public by limiting opportunities for virus exposure;

2) achieve highest and best price for sellers in as brief a period of time as possible.

To accomplish these goals, I will:

#1 Offer clients who hire me to sell their home up to $400 in professional cleaning services to ensure a safe, clean environment for all before your home is introduced to the market.

#2 Build interest in, and competition for, your home BEFORE it hits the market so that you are under contract quickly at highest and best price with fewest people in and out of your home.

#3 Eliminate Open Houses for now. My marketing strategy ensures success without them. 

#4 Provide a Home Sanitization Station that includes shoe covers, nitrile gloves, tissue box, hand sanitizer, Lysol spray and a small sealed trash can inside your front door.

#5 Allow only one party to tour your home at a time. No one who is sick will be allowed to enter.

#6 Limit showing times to a few consecutive hours daily that best suit your family’s schedule.

#7 Require agents and potential buyers to sign a Wellness Declaration before entering your home that affirms they have not contracted COVID-19, have no COVID-19 symptoms, have not been exposed to a person with COVID-19 or traveled to/from a COVID-19 hot spot.

Your wellbeing is my highest concern. It also is my professional responsibility. You can rest assured I take this responsibility very seriously. I will do all I can to protect your health and wellness as we strategically introduce your home to the market with the goal to quickly and safely secure highest and best price.

Please call or email me today to discuss how I can safely and successfully sell your home for top dollar in these highly unprecedented times.