New Home Build

Given Colorado Springs repeated ranking as one of the nation’s top 10 most desirable cities in which to live, and Denver’s considerable affordability challenges, it’s no surprise that housing is in high demand across the Pikes Peak region. For several years running, housing demand outpaces supply by thousands of homes.

With our population growth and Colorado Springs’ expansion, new construction abounds. Colorado Springs boasts a number of exceptional local builders who garner national attention and awards for their craftsmanship, beauty, innovation and energy efficiency.

A significant portion of my client portfolio consists of clients relocating to the Pikes Peak region who wish to build a custom or semi-custom home.

Having led several clients through the new home build process, many of whom are new to the region or Colorado, I am well prepared and extremely knowledgeable about local builders, new build communities and the unique features of each.

I enjoy investing considerable personal time introducing and orienting prospective new residents to all the various communities Colorado Springs has to offer and showcasing different neighborhoods and builders for them. I make sure my clients are well informed and have an extensive grasp of the options available to them as they consider a builder and new community.

I also am very happy – indeed thrilled – to serve as an “in town, boots on the ground” resource for my clients as they navigate the new build process, often from a distance (out of state) whereby they need someone trusted who can routinely check on progress, address concerns and be their hands, feet, eyes and ears to make sure the new build process progresses smoothly.

If you are considering building a new home here in the Pikes Peak region, please allow me to help you identify the right community, interview builders and see you through the complete process of creating and owning your Colorado dream home!