If you are facing a PCS out of Colorado Springs, I have ample first-hand experience and formal training to help you smoothly execute your next relocation, whether that involves selling your home or keeping it as an investment property for rental. I can help!

I am a certified Military Relocation Professional, which means I have engaged in and completed specific training designed to educate and equip REALTORS to provide a high-level of specialized service to military personnel. Your needs are unique. And I’m uniquely prepared to serve you.

My deep commitment to helping military families successfully and more easily navigate frequent relocations is born out of my own personal experience. For many years, I served internationally in several stress-filled environments (nine war zones and/or fragile post-war nation-states), which required frequent moves, decisionmaking “at a distance,” and significant “atypical” help from others Stateside to ensure a smooth transition.

Truth be told: my real estate business, in large part, really was birthed out of a recognition of what too often was lacking in my own relocation experience. I truly “get” that military families – and others who face frequent relocations – need more than a professional to show homes, write contracts and ensure closings occur.

Certainly finding the right home for your family is important. But those engaged in the PCS process need more than a real estate agent. You need a true partner – a capable and trusted “boots on the ground” ally – who instinctively understands the additional service and resources needed to ensure you and your family “land well” – before, during and after your move.

That’s where I excel. And it’s where I most thrive! I’ve been there. Relocating 35 times in my first four decades gives me first-hand, real-world knowledge about what’s required to ensure a smooth transition for families. I LOVE opportunities to serve outside of the box so that every member of your family not only “lands well,” but launches well and thrives in your new home and community.

To me, no request is out of bounds, insignificant or unattended. I WANT to deliver all the assistance and support you need to transition well. I am confident I will EXCEED your expectations when it comes to the PCS process.

As part of the MRP credentialing regimen, I also have an in-depth understanding of VA lending requirements to assist clients as they secure the best financing possible.

Personally, I am immensely grateful to you and your family for your sacrifice defending our liberties. Please allow me to put my well-honed professional skills and highly relational customer service talents to work on your behalf to ensure your next relocation is your best!