Let’s get real. Home buying and selling is both an extensive and intensive endeavor.   It’s time consuming and time sensitive.

And let’s be honest. You’re busy. Life is hectic.  Despite how “fun” it can be to look for a new home, few of us have the luxury of discretionary time to invest all that is needed to be the first to know when a property that meets your dream home criteria hits the market or adopts a price reduction.

Yet….being the first to know is critically important in Colorado’s high demand, low supply housing market where most homes go under contract quickly and with several competitive offers.  Buyers must be proactive and remain ahead of the curve.

Colorado’s housing realities mandate 24/7/365 attention to your dream home search.

That’s where I come in. And it’s why I offer every client my Concierge Service.

My Concierge Service guarantees that I will quickly go to work for you with an informed, comprehensive, ongoing and exhaustive search for your dream home based upon your specific needs and preferences.

This ensures I AM THE FIRST TO KNOW when a listed property or new home hits that market that meets all your hopes and aspirations for your Colorado dream home.

Yes, there are a myriad of sites that allow you to set up “property alerts.”  And they add real value (so please sign up for them on my site!). But do you have time to sift through those alerts in “real time” or to tour those homes at a moment’s notice to stay ahead of other homebuyers?

Moreover, most online home search tools do not allow you to drill down to the specifics that are important for your particular needs.

Your lifestyle requires a walk out basement, not just a basement with or without windows.

You need a main floor full bath (not your master bath or a powder room) for your aging parents to use when visiting.

A “security fence” for privacy (not just a generic split rail fence) is a “must have” so that Trixie, your jumping Jack Russell, remains safe in her backyard.

Your 7 year-old has severe allergies so you need a home with no carpeting that hasn’t had a pet living in it before you.

These details matter to your quality of life and ultimate home buying decision.  It takes time to drill down and learn more about what matters to you. And it takes even more time to find the perfect home that meets – and exceeds – your expectations.

My Concierge Service allows you to specify all the “must haves,” preferences and “perks” that matter to you in your home buying experience.  And, it best equips me to go to work for you proactively to find your Colorado dream home. 

I have a myriad of tools and relationships available that allow me to readily “drill down” to these specifics.  My commitment to you also involves previewing properties to ensure your time touring homes is best spent.  I am deliberate and proactive to ask questions of the listing agent in advance to make sure I learn all I can about a home on your behalf before you choose to tour it.

My Concierge Service may even mean I knock on a few doors of homes not currently on the market to entice homeowners to sell you their home! Believe me: I do this!

Please take advantage of my Concierge Service today. It’s what sets me apart. And it’s what will make your next homebuying experience your best ever.  I guarantee it!

Take a moment now to share as much information as you desire on the form below, highlighting your “must haves” and preferences so that I can get to work for you immediately finding your Colorado dream home!

I’m at your service…….